A Legacy of Outstanding Results

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#1 International Bestselling Author

Advises CEOs and Executive Teams

to transform their companies through strategic leadership.


Author of “Chief Executive Team”.

Ricardo J. Vargas – PCC®, CMC®, CSP®

is the only triple-certified C-suite advisor in the world.

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A Legacy of Outstanding Results

RJVargas Signature Orange

#1 International Bestselling Author

Advises CEOs and Executive Teams

to transform their companies through strategic leadership.

Author of “Chief Executive Team”.

The only triple-certified C-suite advisor in the world.

Ricardo J. Vargas – PCC®, CMC®, CSP®

“When you move from ‘I don’t trust you’ to ‘I don’t understand you,’ you eliminate filters and have meaningful productive conversations in the team. Working with Ricardo facilitated that process.”

François-Xavier Mahot

General Manager, Grupa Żywiec - Poland

“This is the type of support you need when everything happens at the same time: new business model, new organizational structure, new leadership team, and success can’t wait.”

Paula Panarra

General Manager, Microsoft Portugal

“I continue to bring Ricardo to work with my teams for over 10 years because he is one of the best facilitators. He does not tell us what to do. He shows us the ‘Beauty’ and the ‘Beast’ of the team, and helps us deal with both. Beauty is the Vision, the Beast is the way there.”

Kai Schaeffner

President, Thermomix North America

“Ricardo’s work is not a ‘nice to have.’ It impacts the strategy and results of the company. He combines emotional inspiration, rational understanding, and effective tools to deliver transformation, all based on a deep understanding of human dynamics. Really unique.”

Antonio Mariani

General Manager, GB Foods Italy

The Transformation of Leadership


Be it with a large audience, a small team, or one person, Ricardo can inspire your leaders for greatness, and give them the tools to execute it.

A seasoned consultant, speaker, trainer and coach, Ricardo will adapt content and form to transform your leadership.

What Ricardo Does


Ricardo works with high achievers who want to achieve higher.


Ricardo catalyses the transformation process of executive teams that transforms companies.


Ricardo mobilizes leaders and leadership teams to execute bold strategies flawlessly.


Ricardo provides you with the high-quality information you need to act.

As a Social Psychologist Ricardo has extensive experience working on Leadership Dynamics with a diverse range of clients.

As an expert in Executive Team dynamics and trained Systemic Therapist Ricardo knows how individuals and groups define their limits and how they can overcome them.

As the only triple-certified executive team advisor in the world he will use any tool available to support the execution of your strategy.

As a Psychologist and PhD researcher in self-leadership with advanced expertise in Psychological Coaching, he has access to the best tools to find the answer you need.

He supports clients increasing their impact while:

  • Moving up to C-level
  • Becoming CEOs
  • Transforming their leadership behaviors
  • Overcoming biases and prejudices that hinder their leadership impact
  • Increasing the effectiveness of their leadership teams
  • Becoming happier with their professional lives
  • Getting more results from their effort
  • Solving complex problems and managing difficult projects
  • Adapting to (very) different cultures

He works with teams that accept ‘impossible’ tasks, such as:

  • Replacing the current cash-cow of the company with a new business model.
  • Reposition the company from product centred to SaaS
  • Becoming worldwide best-in-class
  • Dealing with crises like GFC, lockdown, supply-chain disruption
  • Growing three-digits in one year
  • Downsizing and optimizing while increasing satisfaction
  • Recovering credibility after reputational disaster
  • Aligning executive teams of different countries with a common regional strategy

His clients reached goals and awards
such as:

  • Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards 2014 Silver Medal
  • European benchmark of a CRM implementation in Banking
  • Grand Prize of the Portuguese Association for Change Management Communication
  • Becoming #1 Consumer Service Index
  • Launching a product in 3 continents at the same time (measured by the second)
  • Executing an innovation strategy in 3 continents on schedule despite conflicting company and organizational cultures.

He uses psychometric instruments and surveys to help you discover:

  • What prevents you from reaching you potential
  • How you can become happier in your professional life
  • How to improve your leadership behaviors
  • How you can take control of undesired emotions and actions
  • What prevents your team from reaching greatness
  • The level of cognitive diversity in your team
  • The best approach to deal with each of your team members
  • What you need to do next to transform your company by transforming your executive team

Ways of working together

Individual Advisory


Ricardo works with you individually. He will coach, train, consult, profile, and or advise you to impact yourself, your team, or the entire company.

Team Advisory


Ricardo works with your team. He will coach, train, consult, profile, assess, facilitate, workshop, and or advise the whole team to transform the business.


Group Development


Ricardo works with groups of peer executives to develop their skills to implement the Chief Executive Team program with their teams.



…there’s someone with a flawless track record of over 25 years of international consultancy, training, coaching and public speaking projects;

…he managed hundreds of change management and leadership development projects in 3 continents;

…some of his clients were awarded by projects he led;

…for over 10 years he was one of the top 5 consultants of the biggest European training company;

…that he is the only person in the world with the 3 globally recognized professional certifications: Certified Management Consultant, Professional Certified Coach, and Certified Speaking Professional (CMC®, PCC®, CSP®);

…he is a #1 International Bestselling Author, published since age 15, with 5 business books published internationally;

…he has international management and entrepreneurship experience;

…he trained over 90 international management consultants;

…he was awarded Consultant of the Year in Portugal;

…he has a degree in Psychology, an accredited expertise in Work and Organizational Psychology, an advanced expertise in Psychological Coaching and a Masters in Systemic Family Therapy;

…he is an expert in leadership, change management and company culture, using methodologies that range from therapy to systems thinking;

…he follows an evidence-based practice and contributes to science as a researcher in leadership;

…you can work with him as Personal Advisor to develop your Executive Team.

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“We got the wrong CEO job description. Know it all and do it all are not success factors.
Quite the opposite.”

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