…WHY you should promote an Inclusive Leadership Culture in your company;


…HOW to implement an Inclusive Leadership program that contributes to the sustainability of your company;


…WHAT role does Inclusive Leadership play in companies’ sustainability;


…WHAT are the strategies for implementing Inclusive Leadership – from different viewpoints (client & consultant);


…WHAT are the challenges of implementing an Inclusive Leadership Culture and HOW to overcome them.




Get a sneak peek into the conversation between Ricardo J. Vargas and Eulàlia Nadal, moderated by Nicole Eifler, in our upcoming webinar.



Eulàlia Nadal

Chief Corporate Officer | GBfoods

Eulàlia Nadal has more than 20 years experience in Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Retail & Consulting Sectors. Eulàlia is Chief Corporate Officer (CIO, HR Corporate, Legal and Corporate Comms) at GBfoods.
“Both at professional and personal level, I’ve experienced the relevance of Diversity and Inclusion. As a women, as a female leader and as a mother, I’ve learned that living in environments where diversity and inclusion is present makes a positive long-term difference to myself and to the people in my surroundings. I’ve worked in several companies, and since many years I only choose those ones where their leaders truly believe and walk the talk in DEI aspects, because these are the only ones that will succeed long term.”

Ricardo J. Vargas

CEO & Founder | Consulting House & CET

#1 International Bestselling Author of “Chief Executive Team: The Transformation of Leadership”. With over 25 years of executive team advisory experience, he develops impactful projects in sectors such as IT, gaming, pharma, financial, and FMCG. His work with CEOs and executive teams is all about transformation and impact.


Nicole Eifler

COO, Partner & Co-founder | Consulting House

Nicole is a High-Performance Leadership specialist. She is a consultant, trainer, executive coach, and professional speaker at Consulting House. She designs and manages tailor-made international consulting and training projects in Portuguese, English, and German.


Chief Executive Team

The Transformation of Leadership
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Praise for Chief Executive Team

“This is a wakeup call for CEOs. It shows how dysfunctional executive teams can get without the leader noticing. Any CEO’s mission is to create a Chief Executive Team. Ricardo will guide you through.”
Helena Bento

Board Member and General Manager Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, CEO JMDB

“Chief Executive Team throws light upon the REAL job of a CEO. It gives a clear framework to improve performance on all dimensions of that job. If you are a leader who cares for results, read it.”
Inês Lima

Marketing Lead International Operated Markets B.U., McDonalds

“Reading this book is like taking a deep look in the mirror of our own leadership and analyse the way we see the effectiveness of executive teams. It provides a clear understanding on how the structure of a team contributes to reach the best possible dynamics and the highest possible level of results.”
Ricardo Parreira

CEO, PHC Software

“Chief Executive Team creates a radically new space in management literature. It bridges the gap between books on leadership and books on company culture by answering the question: how does CEO behavior create company culture?”
Hugo Contente

Vice-President People and Culture, Laureate Australia & New Zealand

“Reading this book will feel like Ricardo attended your executive team meetings to help you reconnect the dots and solve leadership paradoxes.”

Moussa Zaghdoud

Executive Vice-President Cloud Business Division, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

“Only collective intelligence can turn the potential of your company into performance. You need a Chief Executive Team to ignite that genius. Access here.”
David Azevedo Lopes

President & CEO, AEON Topvalu Co.

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