Develop Your Chief Executive Teeam


  1.       Speaking (90 min for whole groups of C-Level leaders). Goal: to impact a big audience
  1.       Individual Executive Coaching for CEO’s (12 hours for CEO’s in any way they want – usually 2 per month). Goal: to help the CEO to understand and implement the CET methodologies to their team along a year. Taking it step by step and adjusting to the circumstances. This should be preferred to the mastermind when you have confidential issues impacting the team performance and/or serious problems that you don’t feel ok sharing with peers.
  1.       2 day workshop for CEO’s only (2 days open with peers). Goal: to give CEO’s the overview and some methodologies that allow them to start a process with their teams by themselves. (I think we should stop calling this retreat. Clients want to do it during the week and not waste time – so far the ones I asked about it)
  1.       Mastermind for CEO’s (12 days – 1 per month). Goal: to apply the methodologies to their teams and have a support group of peers + me to help along the journey. Compared to the coaching the mastermind is better when: you are applying the methodologies to a team situation that does not have confidential or serious problems that you feel uneasy sharing.
  1.       6P’s program (minimum 6 days with the full CET). Goal: to get their team to the highest efficiency and effectiveness level asap through my facilitation and knowledge.
  1.       Thematic workshops (I think this should be the title and not individual or standalone) 1 to 3 day workshops to be done with the whole team. Goal: to work with the full team in improving their effectiveness in one specific dimension of the 6P’s of Exec Teams program.
  2.       Intensive program – 1 (+1 optional) day with the CEO only. Goal: to work and structure their team and their actions with the team to deliver effectiveness and efficiency asap. Sometimes it is not possible to bring an outside expert to the organization. I work to reinforce the CEO’s leadership by giving individual training + consultancy for their case. This allows them to save time as compared to the traditional coaching 2h every month. It will be focused on their team and their actions, fast and effective.