Transform Your Leadership

The best companies in the world are not led by average teams. You need a Chief Executive Team to create a business breakthrough. 

The transformational program that creates a Chief Executive Team is a deep-dive into “The 6P’s of Executive Teams™.

This methodology improves what already works, and fixes what does not.

Most approaches to top management teams development are based on generic training and team-building exercises that aim to develop communication between members. Ricardo does not aim for generic improvements of “communication”, “teambuilding” or “inspiration” in management teams.

He knows the difference between generic and tailormade development programs because he developed assessment tools to evaluate these teams and methodologies to support their development. He follows a structured 6-step approach to develop your management teams’ effectiveness, in which consultancy, coaching, training, facilitation and speaking (keep in mind he’s the only triple certified person in the world in all these areas) each play a key role.

What is “The 6P’s of Executive TeamsTM” program?

We look at your Executive Team through the 6 dimensions that are scientifically validated to improve the company:

  • Purpose
  • Processes
  • People
  • Problems
  • Possiblities
  • Potential

There are 2 dimensions to the this program:

  1. The 6P’s of Executive Teams™” Assessment, including:
    • 270˚assessment survey completed by CEO, Executive Team and Direct reports
    • External qualitative assessment by Ricardo Vargas + debrief session with CEO
  2. On-site development “6P’s Intensive” with your leadership team, including:
    • Workshops focused on the opportunity areas identified in “The 6P’s of Executive Teams™” Assessment;
    • Executive Coaching to support the team leader during their team’s development process;
    • Executive Coaching for the Management Team members when necessary;
    • Management Team processes and dynamics review.
    • Revision of leadership processes between your executive team and other teams;
    • Maximize effectiveness through practical methodologies, immediately deployable.


The “6P’s Intensive” program, is an on-site multi-day facilitation with the leaders of your organization. During this collaborative and transformative process, your team members will prepare and lead the company on its next breakthrough.

Some of the things your team will do in the program:

  • Create a Compelling Vision, a Purpose and a Why, for themselves and for the company
  • Increase Trust, Psychological Safety and maximize cognitive diversity
  • Improve communication, coordination, alignment, effectiveness and collaboration
  • Make the most of productive conflict and reduce negative conflict.
  • Design and implement new solutions for old problems
  • Generate new possibilities for business challenges and opportunities
  • Strategize a business mindset, transformational values and improve execution of the whole organization through a newly defined leadership culture
  • Maximize results in any dimension of the balanced scorecard as desired


What are the results?

Twenty years of management research have shown that improving “The 6P’s of Executive Teams™” dimensions results in an improvement of these company outputs:

  • Financial: return on assets, return on sales, return on equity, stock performance, profitability, productivity, sales growth, market share, operating result, budget compliance, among others.
  • Innovation: Company ambidexterity (exploration & exploitation), Innovation performance, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation.
  • Engagement: middle managers turnover, middle managers job satisfaction, employee turnover, employee commitment, employee negative emotions.

Tailormade for your team

Every program based on “The 6P’s of Executive Teams™” is a custom project, designed to meet the needs and challenges of your unique Chief Executive Team. Therefore completing a 360º Assessment is a prerequisite to having an on-site “6P’s Intensive” development, so we can customize the program to your Team.