Develop Your Chief Executive Team

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Chief Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Models Focused on Results

Through an interactive short-term process, Ricardo will support you to improve your leadership skills, problem solving and strategy definition, promoting self-knowledge and acquiring new behaviors. The coaching intervention focuses on finding solutions to achieve individual and organizational goals. A strong part of it will be to support you in the implementation of The 6P’s of Executive Teams® with your team.

As a PCC® – Professional Certified Coach – by the International Coach Federation, with over 4.000 hours of experience coaching top executives around the world, Ricardo draws from his experience of over 2 decades as successful entrepreneur, CEO, organizational and clinical psychologist, consultant, speaker, facilitator, former martial arts athlete, to create unique development experiences for his clients.


The main benefits of coaching for your company (as proven in management research), can be:

  • People development, talent retention and increased motivation.
  • Increased effectiveness of people management, better relationships with middle managers; greater engagement; higher productivity; communication; effectiveness in conducting meetings.
  • Positive impact on performance indicators (economic profitability, return on resources and profit margin) and productivity (increase in sales, market share and productivity).
  • Return on Investment: gains in the order of 221% and 689% in the first year after the coaching.
  • Better leadership skills at different levels: transformational leadership, transactional leadership, effectiveness of leadership and satisfaction with leadership, all improve.
  • Reduce passivity and leaders excusing for inaction or mistakes.
  • Clearer allocation of objectives and responsibilities, increasing team satisfaction and cohesion and people effectiveness.

“Being coached by Ricardo was transformational. I realized how everything we are is not definitive. Everything in us can be worked to progress.”

Luís Prata

Managing Director, Red Stripe

“Ricardo is an excellent professional, with a very objective and pragmatic way to approach and analyze the problems and needs. Ricardo gave me tools that I will use during all my career.”

Pedro Enes

Cloud Architecture & Integration Competence Center Lead, EDP

“Ricardo is passionate and effective about his work of touching people’s lives. His coaching had profound implications on who I am as a person. The transformation I operated as a result impacted both my professional and personal self. My knowledge of myself is deeper and I can serve the people and the business with more versatility than ever. Today I can say with confidence: I am a leader and not a manager.”

Casimiro da Silva

Director Industry & Water South, Kemira

“Coaching with Ricardo was instrumental in getting an external view on several topics for me as a manager and leader. The coaching was methodical, non-emotional, and helped me to put things in perspective to figure out the best approach. Not only to see the options but also to practice them. Insights from the coaching sessions come alive in the relevant situations and change happens.”
Sylvia Lin

General Manager, Sanofi Pasteur

CEO Intensive Program

1-on-1 Advisory

Sometimes it is not possible to bring an outside expert to work directly with the Executive Team.

Sometimes it is just better to support the CEO in applying the CET Development Process with their teams.

The CEO Intensive program aims at boosting or revamping the efficiency and effectiveness of your team, through an intensive collaboration between you and Ricardo J. Vargas. He will bring all tools from his 25 years of experience in coaching, leadership training, facilitation, consulting, speaking, systems change and research in work and Organizational Psychology to craft a unique development path for your Executive Team.

Starting from where your team is today, your leadership preferences, your transformational vision, together you will define the areas of highest leverage to impact your company’s results through the work of your executive team.

Ricardo is a research practitioner. He favors evidence based, no-nonsense approaches to reach results ASAP. He will adapt his methods to any goal, content, context and speed requirement you might have.

Together with the Chief Executive Team Assessment this is exactly what you were looking for to transform your leadership.

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CET Workshop

The full understanding of The 6P’s of Executive Teams®

A well-executed workshop with a group of peer CEO’s can give you the right balance between understanding the unique 6P’s of Executive Teams methodology and the experience of other leaders in making it happen with their teams. This will open up opportunities and insights of how to go about it with your own team.

The focus of the workshop is guided by the group, creating a participative process where everyone contributes, and are more committed to the outcomes of success. Workshop participants are more motivated, more active, and have more fun, while reaching the goals we set at the beginning of the event.

Master facilitator Ricardo J. Vargas, PCC®, CMC®, CSP®, has decades of experience leading Chief Executive Teams to transformative levels of insight and success.

Join Ricardo for a premium event with other leaders of Chief Executive Teams, diving deep into the changes that can empower you to maximize the potential of your team, and sustain its long-term effectiveness.

CET Mastermind

The concept of Mastermind was introduced by Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich (1937):

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind .” — Napoleon Hill

Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills, and solve problems. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success.

Mastermind group members act as catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues to each other. By getting the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of others in the group, not only can you greatly expand your own limited view of the world, you can also advance your own goals and projects more quickly.

Ricardo facilitates the only mastermind groups in the world focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of executive teams. The CET Mastermind is an exclusive tool to transform your company and your executive team by transforming yourself.

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Mastermind benefits:
  • Solutions and ideas that you would not have found by yourself
  • Tap into the experience and skills of others, including the Mastermind Facilitator
  • Increased commitment to your goals as you openly share them with your peers
  • Increased confidence on your decisions and actions
  • An instant and valuable network to support your personal and business growth
  • A sense of shared mission with other CEOs.
  • Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be
  • A boost to your attitude, resilience and positivity
Who Should Join a Mastermind Group?

C-level executives and board members who:

  • Have an interest in improving results of their companies, getting them from good to great or revamp them
  • Manage teams that lead organizations, companies and bold projects, special endeavors that require unique strategies to overcome challenges and achieve great results.
  • Are responsible for results of entire organizations and lead a team that must produce them
  • Are ready to create the best year of their professional lives
  • Believe they can benefit from a supportive team of mastermind partners and an experienced facilitator
  • Are ready to share and support others, learn and overcome the natural fear of change that happens when we aim for a bold vision
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Thematic Workshops

Sometimes you don’t need a full intervention with your team. You might already have a great team and need to fine tune some aspects of its functioning. Ricardo can partner with you to help you diagnose exactly what you need done and design it from scratch adapted to your team’s needs.

Over 25 years he has been facilitating strategic workshops with executive teams on varied topics such as:

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Strategy roadmaps
  • Board meeting facilitation
  • Culture alignment
  • Ideation/Innovation
  • Customer centricity
  • Change Management
  • C-Level Leadership
  • Effective Strategy Implementation
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Customized facilitation tailored to your needs

The 6 P’s Intensive

Transform Your Leadership

The transformational program that creates a Chief Executive Team is a deep-dive into The 6P’s of Executive Teams®.

Most approaches to top management teams development are based on generic training and team-building exercises that aim to develop communication between members. Ricardo does not aim for generic improvements of “communication”, “teambuilding” or “inspiration” in management teams.
He knows the difference between generic and tailormade development programs because he developed assessment tools to evaluate these teams and methodologies to support their development. He follows a structured 6-step approach to develop your management teams’ effectiveness, in which consultancy, coaching, training, facilitation and speaking (keep in mind he’s the only triple certified person in the world in all these areas) each play a key role.

Solutions The 6 P's Intensive
What is The 6P’s of Executive Teams® program?

We look at your Executive Team through the 6 dimensions of executive teams that are scientifically validated to improve company performance: Purpose, Processes, People, Problems, Possiblities, and Potential.

The 6P’s Intensive is an on-site multi-day facilitation with the leaders of your organization. During this collaborative and transformative process, your team members will prepare and lead the company on its next breakthrough.

    What are the results?

    Twenty years of management research have shown that improving The 6P’s of Executive Teams® dimensions results in an improvement of these company outputs:

    • Financial: return on assets, return on sales, return on equity, stock performance, profitability, productivity, sales growth, market share, operating result, budget compliance, among others.
    • Innovation: Company ambidexterity (exploration & exploitation), Innovation performance, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation.
    • Engagement: middle managers turnover, middle managers job satisfaction, employee turnover, employee commitment, employee negative emotions.
    Tailor-made for your team

    Every program based on The 6P’s of Executive Teams® is a custom project, designed to meet the needs and challenges of your unique Chief Executive Team. Therefore completing a 360º Assessment is a prerequisite to having a 6P’s Intensive Program, so we can customize it to your Team.

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    CET Assessment


    CET Assessment is the main diagnosis tool to feed the development program of your executive team with evidence-based insights. It assesses how well-structured management team is by addressing the 23 dimensions of executive team effectiveness as provided by management research of the last twenty years.

    These are singular teams that need unique diagnosis and development methods. That is what we developed over the last 25 years working with C-Suite teams around the world.


    Leadership Keynote Speaker Ricardo J. Vargas


    A keynote speech is the best way to guarantee that an important message is quickly taken in by many people facing a common challenge.

    Ricardo J. Vargas is one of the few speakers to achieve the globally recognized Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) designation, attributed by the Global Speakers Federation to speakers with a proven successful track record, professional ethics and outstanding platform skills.

    He regularly delivers high impact speeches all over the world, generating insights in areas like Chief Executive Teams, Leadership, Change Management, Business Culture, Motivation, Teamwork, and Innovation.

    Unlike most professional speakers, who specialize in one topic, Ricardo uses the depth of his know-how about the human mind and human organizations to design tailormade speeches to achieve the results you want in your event.

    The combination of his experience as Work and Organizational Psychology Expert, Psychological Coaching Expert, Professional Certified Coach, Certified Management Consultant, researcher in Leadership, family therapist, business books author, martial artist, entrepreneur and CEO, guarantees that your participants will get the value they deserve.
    Ricardo will provoke thought and guide reasoning about the topic of the event to get your messages across.

    Discuss Your Event With Ricardo



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    “Ricardo J. Vargas’ speeches are just as enthusiastic as they are motivating. They involve us, work with our weak points, force us to question ourselves and lastly, they encourage our team to seek excellence. The impact of the partnership with Vorwerk produced visible benefits both in terms of leadership and motivation. This has been reflected in an unbelievable 300% growth in our company in four years.”
    Isabel Padinha

    Sales Director, Vorwerk Portugal

    “The keynote speech that we hired Ricardo to do clearly exceeded our expectations, both in content and in message adequacy and its impact on participants. Ricardo’s work clearly enriched our annual event and we are confident that in the future we will be working with him again.”

    Daniel Araújo

    CEO, Asseco PST

    “Ricardo is a notable speaker for many reasons, on the one hand he prepares the subjects very well and treats them with the required seriousness and depth to make it credible and intelligible, on the other hand, he gets close to his audiences, almost like he feels them, adapting the speech and the subject to the most appropriate tone and that actually causes more impact and emotion in the people who are always attentive following him. In our Strategic Management Program the main focus was to work on corporate culture and emphasize the virtues of multicultural teams and strategies to mitigate the difficulties in managing them, calling it “Business Culture and Prejudice”. We had testimonies of colleagues who told us that the speech had transformed them and that they would have avoided many difficulties if they had heard it before.”

    Sandra Brito Pereira

    Head of Knowledge, Jerónimo Martins

    “Brilliant! Ricardo has scientific evidence proving the transformational impact for companies of his practical experience and organizational knowledge. The scientific evidence supporting his programs makes them highly credible, top class, and raises the expectations of all clients.”

    Pedro Abreu Rodrigues

    Director, EuroBIC

    “Ricardo’s keynote speeches are always timely and naturally effective. Ricardo is always careful to assess the clients’ needs, working and adapting his speech to his audience. People identify and recognize themselves in many of the stories he shares, the solutions presented are timely, applicable and therefore motivating to those attending his keynote speeches. I consider him an excellent speaker, technically very good. I attended his last keynote speech on ‘The Science of Hope.’”
    Teresa Machado

    Sales Director, Vorwerk Mexico

    “When I look at last decade, trying to remember the top 5 speeches, I put Ricardo J. Vargas at #1 with his ‘The Paradoxes of Change.’ Brilliant and very useful. A ‘must repeat’ and update in the actual business & political environment wherever. Thanks Ricardo.”

    José Borba Martins

    Water Business Leader Finance & Control, Nestlé

    “From several occasions when Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade was able to rely on his interventions, mainly in business meetings, Ricardo J. Vargas was always able to convey the right message, at the right time, in the right way. His unusual ability to communicate, knowing how to positively convey that for every constraint there is a way to overcome it, allows us to always reach far beyond the result that we expected.”

    Luís Toscano Rico

    Communications Director, Tranquilidade

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