Leadership Keynote Speaker Ricardo Vargas

A keynote speech is the best way to guarantee that an important message is quickly taken in by many people facing a common challenge.

Ricardo Vargas is one of the few speakers to achieve the globally recognized Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®) designation, attributed by the Global Speakers Federation to speakers with a proven successful track record, professional ethics and outstanding platform skills.

He regularly delivers high impact speeches all over the world, generating insights in areas like Chief Executive Teams, Leadership, Change Management, Business Culture, Motivation, Teamwork, and Innovation.

Unlike most professional speakers, who specialize in one topic, Ricardo uses the depth of his know-how about the human mind and human organizations to design tailormade speeches to achieve the results you want in your event.

The combination of his experience as Work and Organizational Psychology Expert, Psychological Coaching Expert, Professional Certified Coach, Certified Management Consultant, researcher in Leadership, family therapist, business books author, martial artist, entrepreneur and CEO, guarantees that your participants will get the value they deserve.

Ricardo will provoke thought and guide reasoning about the topic of the event to get your messages across.


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“Ricardo Vargas’ speeches are just as enthusiastic as they are motivating. They involve us, work with our weak points, force us to question ourselves and lastly, they encourage our team to seek excellence. The impact of the partnership with Vorwerk produced visible benefits both in terms of leadership and motivation. This has been reflected in an unbelievable 300% growth in our company in four years.”

– Isabel Padinha – Sales Director – Vorwerk Portugal

“The keynote speech that we hired Ricardo to do clearly exceeded our expectations, both in content and in message adequacy and its impact on participants. Ricardo’s work clearly enriched our annual event and we are confident that in the future we will be working with Consulting House again. ”

– Daniel Araújo – CEO Asseco PST

“Ricardo is a notable speaker for many reasons, on the one hand he prepares the subjects very well and treats them with the required seriousness and depth to make it credible and intelligible, on the other hand, he gets close to his audiences, almost like he feels them, adapting the speech and the subject to the most appropriate tone and that actually causes more impact and emotion in the people who are always attentive following him. In our Strategic Management Program the main focus was to work on corporate culture and emphasize the virtues of multicultural teams and strategies to mitigate the difficulties in managing them, calling it “Business Culture and Prejudice”. We had testimonies of colleagues who told us that the speech had transformed them and that they would have avoided many difficulties if they had heard it before.”

– Sandra Brito Pereira – Head of Knowledge – Jerónimo Martins

“Ricardo’s keynote speeches are always timely and naturally effective. Ricardo is always careful to assess the clients’ needs, working and adapting his speech to his audience. People identify and recognize themselves in many of the stories he shares, the solutions presented are timely, applicable and therefore motivating to those attending his keynote speeches. I consider him an excellent speaker, technically very good. I attended his last keynote speech on “The Science of Hope”.”

– Teresa Machado – Sales Director – Vorwerk Mexico 

“When I look at last decade, trying to remember the top 5 speeches, I put Ricardo Vargas at #1 with his “The Paradoxes of Change”. Brilliant and very useful. A “must repeat” and update in the actual business & political environment wherever. Thanks Ricardo.”
José Borba Martins – Water Business Leader Finance & Control – Nestlé

“From several occasions when Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade was able to rely on his interventions, mainly in business meetings, Ricardo Vargas was always able to convey the right message, at the right time, in the right way. His unusual ability to communicate, knowing how to positively convey that for every constraint there is a way to overcome it, allows us to always reach far beyond the result that we expected.”

– Luís Toscano Rico – Communications Director – Tranquilidade